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    eDab Cartridge Refill Kit

    Must-have kit for storing, transporting and refilling essential oil vape cartridges

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    Vaporizer/component for legal adult use only. This product does not contain and is not designed or intended for use with tobacco/nicotine/e-liquid or any toxic/illicit substance. Age verification/adult signature 21+ required.

    Newest version in-stock, includes graduated syringe (marked with horizontal lines to represent units of measurement, not-pictured).

    The eDab Cartridge Refill Kit includes all of the essentials for discreetly and efficiently storing, transporting and refilling concentrated oil cartridges.

    eDab includes a medical grade glass oil applicator (syringe-like device) with this kit that will help to eliminate all of the hassle and waste that often comes with refilling essential oil tanks and storage containers. Concentrated essential oils are often expensive so wasting even a small amount is a problem, with eDab's essential oil applicator you can quickly transfer up to 1mL of thin to medium oils without losing a drop. Simply dip the tip of the applicator into your essential oils, pull back the plunger and you are ready to fill in just a matter of seconds.

    Inside each eDab Cartridge Refill Kit you will find two interchangeable filling tips that are each manufactured with a different sized gauge (diameter), allowing for use with material of varying consistency as well as providing an ideal size filling tool for several types of vape cartridges. With so many different models currently on the market, you may need to swap out the included tips to find one that will match your cartridge's filling ports or depending on the type of material you are filling a smaller or bigger tip may provide better results. With two interchangeable tips and the applicator's stock tip you are sure to find the perfect tool for whatever your needs require.

    eDab also includes their classic stainless steel filling tool to help manage sticky concentrates without all of the mess and hassle. This mini dab tool features a small travel-friendly size, fitting perfectly in the Cartridge Refill Kit's carry case to ensure you always have it with you by your side when you may need it most. While working with concentrated essential oils they will often leak or spill during the heating process, having this mini dab tool on hand will ensure you are able to reclaim every last bit to truly get the most out of your material.

    The entire Cartridge Refill Kit from eDab will come packaged in a lightweight and pocket-friendly carrying tube that offers plenty of size for all of the included accessories as well as some extra room for cartridges or other items. Inside this carry case you will find an innovative applicator holder that will neatly store the glass applicator, it's filling tips and it can even double as a vape cartridge holder. Finally, this slim carry container utilizes a child-resistant pop top cap and it features an all solid body to remain as discreet as can be, perfect for travel use.

    Invest in eDab's Cartridge Refill Kit today and quickly eliminate the constant waste and hassle that comes with refilling concentrate cartridges.


    It is important to clean the oil applicator and it's tips after each use to keep it in perfectly working order


    Cartridge storage capacity: 1.0ml
    Applicator capacity: 1.0mL


    1 x 1mL Glass Applicator
    1 x Standard Gauge Blunt-Edge Tip
    1 x Large Gauge Blunt-Edge Tip
    1 x eDab Stainless Hand Tool
    1 x Applicator/Cartridge Holder
    1 x Child Resistant Container (White)
    2 Stars
    Not much help
    While a $6.94 item is just that (you get what you pay for), this particular item was real difficult to use (there is no instructions included here). It didnt work all that well, and retained a large amount of oil in it after use, which maybe could have been remedied, instructions just a small ad for a new kind of battery. Lame, I think. So, while you might be able to use this in your application (I couldn't) it is only $6.94 and worth that to give it a go.
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    5 Stars
    Everything you need
    To those looking to fill cartridges, this is the product you need. Unlike the other cheap syringes you find online, these are glass which makes cleaning and resusing them much easier. Meaning you wont need to multiple syringes. The addition of a dab tool is a welcome tool, as having an extra certainly never hurts. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but the dab tool is the perfect size to fit inside the blunt tip of the syringe to make cleaning a breeze as well.
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    4 Stars
    Nice kit but no measurement markings
    Nice little kit with everything needed to fill your cartridges. Glass applicator (syringe) is nicely made and has a screw cap that allows you to keep it loaded for a future fill. Found the 2 needle heads fine for filling but were too short to extract from defective catridges. Biggest negitive is that the applicator does not have any measurement markings so you have to fill by eye if your cartridges don't have fill lines.
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    5 Stars
    Very useful kit
    I didn't think I needed this originally, but it's become very useful. Not just for filling cartridges, but also any time you need to suck some fluid out of any vaping tank/cartridge without losing a considerable amount. I still don't really know how to use the black "Applicator/Cartridge Holder" but even without that I still get a lot of use from the kit.
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    5 Stars
    Great kit that works well for distillates.
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    5 Stars
    Works perfectly. Thanks again plus fast shipping..
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    5 Stars
    Definitely a "must have"
    Great little kit. Very convenient for refilling or extracting. And also come with both tips to fit all carts.
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