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    Satya Incense Sticks

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    • 1 x Satya Incense Sticks Box

    Satya Incense Sticks Features & Specs:

    • Box contains 12 Pack
    • Incense Sticks Per Pack: ~19-20 Sticks
    • Stick Size: 8.5" inch stick
    • Burning Time: Approximately 45 minutes


    • Scent/Notes: Calming, Exotic, Spicy
    • Use: Champa flora incense helps to bring balance and mental clarity. The exotic fragrance of champa, at once spicy and floral, makes for a delightful ambient.

    Dragon's Blood

    • Scent/Notes: Potent, Earthy, Harmonizing
    • Use: The Dragon’s Blood incense helps protect and strengthen your aura from external
    • negativity and psychic attacks thus energizing your psychic and spiritual core.


    • Scent/Notes: Inspiring, Uplifting, Serene
    • Use: The Karma incense blend inspires the user towards positive thought and action. This blend is best used during decision-making periods.


    • Scent/Notes: Soothing, Sublime, Herbal
    • Use: The Lavender flora incense helps soothe, put to rest bedtime worries and lift insomnia.


    • Scent/Notes: Tranquil Immersive Sacred
    • Use: The Meditation incense blend aids in building mental strength, clarity and life force energy, as also in achieving deep states of relaxation, patience and compassion.

    Nag Champa

    • Scent/Notes: Harmonizing, Potent
    • Use: The Nag Champa blend can be used to sanctify or purify a space and is a good aid to meditation or deep relaxation.


    • Scent/Notes: Elevating, Euphoric, Exotic
    • Use: The Opium flora incense aids in elevating mood and opening up the creative reservoirs within.


    • Scent/Notes: Heady, Spicy, Intoxicating
    • Use: The Patchouli flora incense works as an excellent insect repellent and laundry freshener, as well as an ambient for parties.

    Palo Santo

    • Scent/Notes: Sweet, Minty, Enriching
    • Use: The Palo Santo flora incense supports and encourages initiative and is also an effective mosquito repellent. This incense enhances creativity.

    Positive Vibes

    • Scent/Notes: Sweet, Uplifting, Neutralizing
    • Use: The Positive Vibes incense blend aids in a positive outlook through the day. This blend can also be used for house clearing.


    • Scent/Notes: Floral, Sweet, Yielding
    • Use: The yielding aroma of Rose flora incense helps gently alleviate anxiety and depression and correct hormonal imbalances.


    • Scent/Notes: Sacred, Sublime, Woody
    • Use: The healing aroma of Sandalwood flora incense can be used to promote feelings of serenity and to ease irritability and aggression. This incense also acts as an aid to meditation and deep relaxation.

    Spiritual Healing

    • Scent/Notes: Balancing, Sacred, Immersive
    • Use: The Spiritual Healing blend harmonizes energy imbalances in the auricle fields and supports physical, emotional and spiritual health.

    Spiritual Aura

    • Scent/Notes: A cool crisp cotton with a hint of lavender scent.
    • Use: Helps Create An Atmosphere of Relaxation And Stress Relief.

    Super Hit

    • Scent/Notes: Activating, Uplifting, Sweet
    • Use: The Super Hit blend helps open up your core to abundance and positive energy as also helps uplift your mood.


    • Scent/Notes: Sweet, Sensual, Uplifting
    • Use: The Vanilla flora incense acts both as a sedative and as a mood enhancer and can help soothe tired nerves and spruce up a dull space. This incense is an excellent ambient for parties and get-together.

    For legal adult use only. Age verification 21+ required.

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