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    Pink Punch Lemonade Lemon Twist E-Liquid 120mL

    Ice cold lemonade with a pink fruity punch twist no longer sells container e-liquid, prefilled pods, or any product containing tobacco or nicotine in any form. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Pink Punch Lemonade E-Liquid by, you guessed it, Lemon Twist is purely pink lemonade perfection.

    Pink lemonade e-juice is nothing new, you have seen it done time and time again. Lemon Twist, however, are the lemonade masters and they prove it yet again here. The bright and tangy lemonade flavor punches you in the mouth in the best of ways and you'll just keep coming back for more.

    Coming from Pop Clouds and FRYD, Lemon Twist already has a great foundation. They brew their juices with a careful touch so that the product is safe, while of course tasting as amazing as possible.

    Lemon Twist's Pink Punch Lemonade comes in two 60mL bottles for a total of 120mL of great tasting lemonade e-juice flavor.


    - 2 x Pink Punch Lemonade Lemon Twist E-Liquid 60mL

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