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    Longmada CHIC

    Advanced 510 convection style heating attachment for dry/concentrates no longer sells container e-liquid, prefilled pods, or any product containing tobacco or nicotine in any form. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    The Longmada CHIC is a cutting-edge 510 thread heating attachment that is made available in three separate styles designed for use with a wide range of material.

    This advanced ceramic oven features a 360° convection heating method that thoroughly heats your material from all angles, resulting in a true vapor quality that is absolutely packed with flavor.

    If you are one who prefers enjoying dried blends, check out the Type A version. This Chic comes equipped with a premium white ceramic heating oven that actually vaporizes your material at the touch of a button. This innovative cartridge has a removable oven that can easily be replaced when it eventually burns out rather than buying an entirely new vaporizer.

    The Type B Model also has a ceramic style oven that is black and intended for use with thick concentrates. This embedded chamber utilizes Longmada's patented Touch Point technology that will thoroughly and evenly vaporize a chamber full of your favorite material in just seconds with absolutely no waste to worry about.

    Finally, Longmada's Type C Chic features a pure glass quartz heating dish made for use with thin essential oils. Glass quartz offers the same great efficiency but with a delicious and natural quality of flavor that will be hard to beat. This model also comes equipped with an upgraded magnetic mouthpiece system that makes refills a quick and easy process no matter where you are.

    The CHIC Attachment is manufactured with a near universal 510 threaded connection that makes it compatible with most box mods and batteries currently on the market. If your device can support atomizers within the range of 0.4-0.6 ohm and has a power output of at least 30-35W (18W max Type B) then it will be able to support the Chic Heating Attachment.

    Searching for a stealthy heating attachment that is both affordable and effective? Look no further, the compact Chic Cartridge efficiently vaporizes Dry Blends or Concentrates without breaking your bank in the process.

    Features & Specs.
    • Advanced 510 Atomizer for Dried Blends/Essential Oils
    • Compact and Lightweight Design for Easy Travel Use
    • Dimensions: 22mm x 55mm
    • Chamber Dimensions: 10mm x 17mm
    • Weight: 33g
    • Made Available in 3 Different Types
    • Type A for Dried Blends
    • High Grade 360° Ceramic Convection Heating Oven 30-35W
    • Threaded Mouthpiece System with Top Airflow
    • Creates True Vapor: Will not combust under normal output
    • Unique Replaceable Chamber Design
    • Type B for Thick Concentrates
    • Premium Black Ceramic Oven 18W Max
    • Patented Touch Point Technology
    • Delivers Clean, Natural Flavor
    • Rapid Heat Up Time and Even Heating
    • Type C for Thin Oils
    • One Piece Pure Glass Quartz Chamber (30-35W)
    • Inert Glass Quartz Preserves Natural Flavor
    • Efficient Heating at Touch of a Button
    • Ultra Convenient Magnetic Mouthpiece
    • Atomizer Resistance: ~0.4-0.6 Ohm
    • Premium Quality Ceramic/304 Stainless Steel Construction
    • Innovative Wire-free Convection Heating Chamber
    • 1 x CHIC Attachment
    • 1 x Silicone Ring
    • 1 x Cotton Wrap
    • 1 x Filling Tool
    • 1 x Cleaning Brush

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