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    Honeycomb Berry Fresh Pressed Salts E-Liquid 30mL

    Limeade and berries with a drop of honey no longer sells container e-liquid, prefilled pods, or any product containing tobacco or nicotine in any form. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Honeycomb Berry Salt Fresh Pressed Salts E-Liquid 30mL

    Fresh Pressed Salts is offering up some fresh pressed limeade goodness with their new Honeycomb Berry e-juice.

    There's a lot going on with this juice, but in the best of ways. It starts with a classic refreshing and tart limeade flavor, then you get hit with an assortment of different berries that help compliment that tartness with it's own brand of sweetness. To top it off you get a slight undertone of a little drop of honey to really cut all that sweetness and bring some balance to the flavor. Masterfully done.

    Specializing in all your salt nic needs for your pod vapes, Fresh Pressed Salts has hit the ground running with new and creative flavors such as this one to bring you flavor on flavor in salt nicotine form. Their dedication to the not often heralded parts of the brewing process, like quality control, make them a safe bet every time.

    Honeycomb Berry salt e-liquid by Fresh Pressed Salts comes in 30mL bottles with either 30mg or 50mg salt nic strength depending on your preference.

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