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    HEM Incense Sticks

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    • 1 x HEM Incense Sticks Box

    HEM Incense Sticks Features & Specs:

    • Box contains 6 Pack
    • Incense Sticks Per Pack: ~20 Sticks
    • Stick Size: 9 inch stick
    • Burning Time: Approximately 30 minutes
    • Amber: A woody, earthy fragrance as it is derived from a resin
    • Amber Honey: The natural sweet fragrance experience of pure natural honey and a sweet-smelling gum that is full and warm with aroma
    • Amber Rose: A bouquet of fresh roses is reassuring for body and soul and a sweet-smelling gum that is full and warm with aroma
    • Anti-tobacco: The base of this incense are flowers and herbs
    • Black Magic: It consists of wood tones, resin and is very spicy, almost exotic
    • Black Opium: A blend of flowers and herbs: this wonderful sensual exotic fragrance creates an atmosphere of abundance and hypnosis
    • Cedar: Sweet and smells like forest
    • Cherry Vanilla: This delicious fruity fragrance is punctuated by hints of sweet creamy vanilla
    • Coco Mango: Pieces of fresh mango lie in the bowl of half a young coconut
    • Coconut: The smell of coconut is extracted from the flesh and brings a well-groomed, hydrated feeling and spicy undertone
    • Dragon's Blood: A magical aura through a mix of herbs, resins, scented oils and gums
    • Dragon's Blood/Blue: A very surprising, sweet powdery scent
    • Egyptian Jasmine: Jasmin, rose, magnolia, sandal, musk, benzoin
    • Eucalyptus: Woody, spicy, mint, pine, cedar, moss, amber
    • Fairy Dream: Flowers and blossom
    • First Rain: Moist green and the air just after a rain shower
    • Forest: A mix of wood and moss and makes you think of a walk in the deep forest
    • Galaxy: This incense gives you the feeling of spaciousness
    • Honey Rose: Sweet, honey, floral, rosy fragrance
    • House in the Clouds: Fresh sweet, floral, lemon, orange blossom, patchouli, musk
    • Jasmine Blossom: An incense based on the paradise essential oil from jasmine blossom
    • Lemongrass: Juicy citrus fruits are popular among many because of their taste and smell
    • Lilac: This incense is reminiscent of a field full of purple flowers
    • Lotus: A floral scent brightens up during gloomy days
    • Love: A pleasant atmosphere full of tenderness for a romantic evening and a fiery night
    • Meditation: Amber, sandal, oakmoss, olibanum
    • Opium: A blend of Asian spices and floral scent
    • Patchouli: A blend of exotic floral scents
    • Patchouli Amber: Flurries of sweet amber and a sultriness of spicy patchouli
    • Pine: Balsamic, green, aromatic, pine needles
    • Planet:
    • Precious Lavender: A natural fragrance that is often used in oils during massage and gives a welcoming aura
    • Precious Rose: Geranium, bergamot, rich floral rosy
    • Sage: Aromatic, herbal , floral, woody
    • Sandal Rose: A wood scent that smells warm when it burns
    • Sandalwood: The sweet wood scent reminds of sacred rituals and is pre-eminently the king of spiritual aromas
    • Santa Muerte: A mix of Sandalwood, Vanilla and Jasmine
    • Serenity: Fresh and floral
    • Star: Sweet, musky, powdery, vanilla
    • The Moon: Mild, cool smell of freedom and refreshment
    • The Sun: A flurry of spicy musk
    • Vanilla: Sultry, sweet and tropical
    • Vanilla Orange: Fruity and sweet
    • Vanilla Strawberry: A summery fragrance, fruity and sweet
    • White Musk: Terrestrial and almost woody, softer and sweeter
    • White Sage: A strong, spicy scent

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