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    Atmos Boss

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    Atmos Boss is the first vaporizer pen release from Atmos to perform true vaporization with dry blends. That's right, no more additional screens, modifications, or advanced techniques to learn with this vaporizer pen. The Boss effortlessly heats up to just the right temperature every time without the risk of combustion.

    Atmos has created a patented stainless steel heating element, similar to the one found in bigger portable vaporizers, and placed it into the size of a regular eGo pen. This means you get all of the benefits of a bigger vaporizer with the convenience of a pocket size vape pen.

    The Boss's heating chamber is powered by a removable 3.3 - 4.2 volt PCB/IC protected 1200mAh battery that unscrews from the chamber and can be connected to the USB charger like any other eGo pen battery.

    To use the Boss, remove the chamber connector and load in your ground blends. Then screw the mouthpiece back on and tap the button 3 times to activate the heater. The heater will run for a full 90 seconds before automatically shutting of. During the first 40 seconds, the Boss will rise to vaporization temperature and be able to produce vapor for the remaining 50 seconds.

    The heater can immediately be reactivated for an additional 90 seconds by tapping the button 3 times again. If you are reheating the chamber directly after it shuts down, the heat-up time will be significantly less, allowing more of the 90 second cycle to be used for actual vaporization.

    This auto shutoff ensures proper use and prevents overheating and possible damage to the battery or heating chamber; perfect for quick sessions when discretion is a must.

    Atmos has kept many of the features from their previous pens we have come to know and love, including their ground-breaking ceramic filter which acts to diffuse heat and cool the vapor, all while keeping blend pieces out of your mouth while drawing on the Boss's mouthpiece. The soft rubber mouthpiece is comfortable to use and durable against the test of time.

    The Boss vaporizer can be recharged in under 2 hours using the included USB charger or wall adapter; giving you more options when it comes time to power up. Atmos also includes a loading tool, a strong cleaning brush, and a full user manual with this kit, to keep you covered from the moment you open your new vape until it's time to clean it.

    Take charge of your portable blend vaporization sessions with the Boss vaporizer pen by Atmos.

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    The Atmos Boss comes packaged with:

    • Boss Lithium Ion Battery
    • Boss Heating Chamber
    • Boss Chamber Connector
    • Rubber Mouthpiece
    • USB Charger
    • Wall Adapter
    • Cleaning Brush
    • Loading Tool
    • User Manual

    Atmos RX

    Vaporization Method: Direct Inhalation

    Warranty Information: 30 day warranty on manufacturer defects with a 1 year Atmos replacement program.

    There is no warranty coverage on atomizers, cartridges, or tanks.

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